Monday, September 27, 2010

Skulls & Bones

After eight weeks of nonstop studying of Anatomy & Physiology, I am more than relieved to be finished with finals and beginning my two week break. Unfortunately I just can't get away from the skeletal system. I recently perused Z Gallerie's website where, low and behold, the home page had a framed picture of the human body. I instantly zoomed in on the skeleton and clicked to "Shop Look". If only I had this picture to study from when I was learning all the bones in the body.

Upon further browsing, I came across a more taxidermist piece. I can't say that the moose is an animal that I am very familiar with (nor is taxidermy), but this mounted head would be so much fun to have in any room of a house! The white makes this a simplistic piece that would not be too overpowering or intimidating.

[from]: Z Gallerie

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