Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finale (Finally): DIY Headboard

Drum roll, s'il vous plait! Here is the headboard in all of it's glory. This first picture is a little more sharpened than the second, but hopefully you get a good idea of how it turned out.

The last step was to staple the fabric to the headboard. We had to make sure that we centered the fabric with the headboard on the ground as we pulled the fabric up tightly to make sure it was taut. One of the problems we ran into was pulling it tightly though. As you can see in the picture of the different styles of headboards, the "Portman" has a horizontal area next to the semi-circle on top. I was very persistent on making sure the fabric allowed me to make the angle there, but it was useless. We ended up putting some stuffing in there so it was more of a rounded crevice, and honestly, you can't even tell that it was supposed to be any different!

One of the options for headboards are to fix them to the wall, but we opted against that because it would just be easier if it wasn't attached if we ever moved it. We had some wood left over from our piece of wood we cut the headboard, so we cut out some planks that we screwed on to the back of the headboard which allows it to stand upright as you're seeing it in the picture.

So although this took way too long for me to post, it was a relatively quick process and we completed it in a day. Of course I planned everything out in my spare time in the week prior just making sure I had exhausted all options of how to make it. Good luck on any attempts at your own!


  1. Andrea, that turned out BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Hi Andrea, Great article, I see you are using our shapes image as an idea for your readers. Would you mind adding a link to this article back to Thanks

  3. Looks so great!! Do you know the exact measurements you used? And how many yards of fabric did you have to buy?