Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does the Top Stop?

Last summer the movie screens were rocked by "Inception" and my boyfriend was definitely not the one to be immune to the craze. He scoured the internet for images of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's suit, made sure the DVD was included in his Christmas wish list, and downloaded the soundtrack to listen to at leisure. When I came across this poster on it almost seemed like it would be offensive to my Leo-loving boyfriend to pass it up.

Adam Juresko is the mastermind behind this poster, and he also has plenty more awesome movie posters to choose from on his etsy shop (TheArtOfAdamJuresko). I was pretty partial towards this poster because of the design and layout, whereas my boyfriend was enthralled with how it depicts the movie (so a win-win). We both agreed that Adam's shop included some of the best movie posters on etsy, not to mention the transaction was smooth and he was more than willing to answer all my questions (and I ask a lot!) very quickly.

So anyway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

[from] etsy and here

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