Friday, July 30, 2010

My Tears for Ms. Spears

Who put this picture on the cover of Cosmopolitan?! This unfortunate display of my favorite Mouseketeer has watched me for weeks every time I check-out at the store. I just shake my head and look away from the discoloration in the extensions, the lazy eye (or the stink eye, as my sisters and I call it), and the bags under her eyes. Whoever was in charge of this photo shoot should be fired! The least they could do is photoshop it a little more, or choose a picture where her eyes are opened equally. I am very well aware that we all have our off days where we are less than photogenic, but help a girl out - she's been through enough - and let the public see the Britney who is not a train wreck. I haven't been able to bear opening the magazine due to the cover, but I hope Britney is redeemed by the spread of photos in her article.

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